New CT Scan 'Experience' Comes to Abilene Hospital

Published 02/06 2014 08:53AM

Updated 02/06 2014 09:05AM

Undergoing medical testing, specifically CT scans, can be stressful for both the patient and family. But now, one Big Country hospital is introducing a new take on traditional scans, leaving patients feeling relaxed and even encouraged.

"To be able to lay on this bed and watch a beautiful, moving experience with the lights, and oh that music!", says Carolyn Cockerell, patient.

Listening to Carolyn Cockerell describe the serene sights and sounds, you'd think she just finished up at a day spa.

"It's like I was walking into a very soothing environment", Cockerell explains.

So it may come as a shock to find out that she was undergoing tests in a CT scan.

"It completely transported me from worrying about all the testing I had to do", says Cockerell.

The first of it's kind here in Texas, Hendrick Medical Center says they're proud introduce the Caring Suite--a state of the art CT scan experience.

"Before, a patient would come in a light room. And it was kind of scary, they'd have lights shining on them and things like that. Now we have a whole environment for them where they can change everything from color to sound", says Jory Lee, Radiology Department Manager at Hendrick.

No matter why an x-ray is ordered, it can no doubt leave patients feeling uneasy, as they climb into the large tunnel in a hospital lab--that is, until now.

"Patient comfort is important in a CT scan, because if you cut their anxiety, they won't move as much, and they will be more relaxed, so you can get the images you need", explains Lee.

"It was amazing, I had never been through this before. I didn't even know Abilene had these kinds of options", Cockerell tells us.

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