New Interactive "Robot" Brings Experts to Abilene ER

People in Abilene now have access to some of the prestigious neurologists in the country, thanks to a new technology recently introduced at Abilene Regional Medical Center.

As stroke victims are rushed to the emergency room, "Time is of the essence", says Jeff Johnson, of Abilene Regional Medical Center.

The ER doctor then realizes he needs to call in a specialist--stat!

Johnson is often working in the ER and explains that no Abilene neurologists are available in that short of notice. But within seconds, a specialist from Colorado shows up in the Abilene Regional ER, ready to diagnose and treat the problem.

"Once we need a neurologist to consult, he can beam in here in less than 30 seconds. Now if we had a neurologist come from across town, it would take much longer, upwards of 30 minutes or more", explains Johnson.

This time and life-saving technology allows doctors and patients to communicate and make split-second decisions.

"That neurologist is able to phone in and actually see the CT scan of the head, so he has access to our radiological images right here in the hospital", Johnson tells us.

This technology that's making it's way into exam rooms, doctors say is the way of the future

"Another robot, and another technology. You've got to stay up with the technology, to be at the  top of your game", Johnson says.

The social networking-inspired tool makes survival just a click away.

Though currently used for strokes only, Abilene Regional tells us this technology could be used for several other health emergencies in the future.

Watch the full story tonight on KRBC News at 5.

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