New Leads in Hailey Dunn Investigation

Published 10/22 2012 06:01PM

Updated 10/23 2012 02:51PM

There has been a possible break-through in the investigation into the disappearance of Colorado City teenager, Hailey Dunn.

Authorities confirm they are looking into detailed allegations written in a letter from a woman jailed on drug charges. That woman, Sonja Renee Callahan, claims to have seen a girl fitting Hailey's description being held against her will in a West Texas home.

Callahan was being held on drug charges in a lock-up in Odessa Texas and that's where four months ago she wrote the letter and sent it to family members in Abilene. Those family members shared the letter with investigators and they tell us some of those leads have proven to be valuable, and some have not.

Callahan's letter reads as a disturbing narrative of events that took place in January of 2011 which lead to the death of the unidentified young girl who, the letter states, would be 15 now.

The letter never says the name of the young girl. However, if the events are accurate, the timeline, location, as well as the girls age, coincide with Hailey's disappearance when she was 13-years-old in December of 2010.

The description of the girl mentioned in the letter also fits that of Hailey.

As another, final hint, that Callahan believes the girl may be Hailey Dunn, the letter goes on to claim it is tied to a case that is big news all around the country.

Callahan's letter states that the girl was kidnapped, kept in a house and died of an accidental overdose of certain drugs given to her by her captors to keep her compliant.

Callahan claims that she tried to help the girl, but was prevented by others involved and that, now that she has written her confession, she feels some semblance of peace and can finally sleep.

Colorado City Police tell us they investigated this letter and determined the allegations to be unfounded.  However, the District Attorney's office, tells us the letter has value and they are still looking into certain elements that are providing valuable information.

Stay with us for the latest on this case.

** Editor's Note: Our news staff uncovered this new avenue of the investigation more than two months ago. We immediately took our information to investigators who asked us to not release the details because it could harm their investigation. Within the last 24 hours, we have been assured by investigators that our reporting of these details will not negatively impact the case.

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