New Meat Market Comes to Abilene

Published 07/09 2014 05:29PM

Updated 07/09 2014 09:25PM

A new Mexican meat market has opened in Abilene called "La Mexicana."

"On the weekends its busy and during the week it's dead," said Stacy Marquez, who is a cashier at the grocer. "People do not know we are here," she said. "A lot of times people will come and say, oh we didn't even know y'all were here."

La Mexicana has been open a few months now, just like other grocery stores in the area, it has your basics like: fruit, vegtables, meats, milk and dairy products.

The grocer also offers Mexican ingredients that are not typically found in national chain stores. The store also has an in store backery, taco shop, and butcher shop.

Marquez is an Abilene native and she says "La Mexicana" is the first of its kind since she's lived here. "A lot of people say they're glad that there is a store like this in Abilene," she said.

La Mexicana is open seven days a week and is located on North 12th and Mockingbird.

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