New Restaurant Takes On The Abilene Regional Airport

Anyone who's traveled through Abilene Regional Airport can agree: one of the best things about it's small size is the ability to arrive with just enough time to grab something to eat, before catching your flight.

But it didn't take long for first time Abilene flyer Johnny Cruz to figure out the airport's biggest downfall.

"I had a very light breakfast early this morning, so when I came in I was hungry," said Cruz. "I was looking around for a coffee shop a restaurant, and I walked around I didn't see anything. I asked around and they said 'no, sorry, there's nothing here. We have vending machines!"

Keeping a restaurant has been a constant battle for the Airport's space, which has seen two attempts at success in just the past year.

"I was kind of surprised not to find anything for travelers," said Cruz.

While some are calling it a curse, the space wont be empty for long. Merry Mckenna is the owner of the airport's newest restaurant, Moose's snack shack and cafe.

"I don't think its a curse, I think it's simply knowing what your customer base is, and where it's going to come from," Mckenna says.

Tucked away behind the bleachers at Nelson park, Mckenna's little stand has grown a big customer base in three years time.

"This has basically been the catapult to set me up so I know exactly what to do there," she said.

Her plan breaks down into two parts. First, keep it convenient.

"The passengers that are flying, that is kind of a given as to when you're flying early in the morning what you are looking for are breakfast foods," Mckenna explains.

Second, cater to locals.

"That's where the customer service comes in and having a rotating menu comes in and being able to give them a thirty-minute lunch that's worth paying for," she said. "But also keeping your price point where it needs to be, which this has definitely assisted me in."

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