New Texas Law Means Less Classroom Time for Concealed Carry License

Published 09/03 2013 09:34PM

Updated 09/03 2013 10:30PM

It's now less time-consuming to get a concealed carry license in Texas. Classroom time to get a license has been cut from 10-15 hours to 4-6 hours.

Some say less time is the classroom isn't safe, but others say it's more time to focus on what it means to own a handgun.

The law will also change what it means to conceal a handgun, and will have fewer punishments for license holders if their guns show on accident. Also, if a person gets a license with a revolver, they can still carry a handgun.

While gun control restrictions are being lessened in Texas, Washington is continuing to try to increase gun control. New policies include stopping other countries from sending weapons to the United States. Another new policy will require background checks for corporations, which was a loophole beforehand.

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