Novice Turns the Electricity On

The volunteer fire department out in Novice, Texas isn't tax funded. 

"Everything that we get is through fundraisers and donations," commented Chief Jason Walker.

This means that the budget for station and equipment improvements is a tight one.

"We stretch that as far as we can," the Chief continued.

Now, over several years of fundraising and donations, the volunteers were able to raise $140,000 to upgrade to a building that can house all of their vehicles and equipment.

"Now we need to get the electricity and the gas in it," stated Assistant Chief Jerry Bowen.

Unfortunately, putting the final touches on the new structure will cost quite a bit.

"The cheapest bid that we got was about $18,000," continued Chief Walker.

The volunteers already have about $6,000 saved up, and are applying for a grant, but for the rest of it, they are relying on their annual barbecue. They fired up the smoker this afternoon.

"I won't go home until about midnight tomorrow night," commented Bowen.

There will be pounds upon pounds, upon yet even more pounds of meat smoked to perfection, and at least one fire fighter smelling like smoke along with it.

"At least it smells better than grass smoke," Bowen continued.

Fire fighters say the event will have people traveling from all over to try some of the delicious smoked goods, but most especially, some of the smoked goat.

"We usually have a pretty good crowd," Bowen went on.

With that crowd, they are confident they will reach their goal.

"It should put us over the top to get all of this completed," Walker stated. 

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