One Year Later, Mother of Shaken Baby Reflects

One-year-old Austin Westbrook is your average happy, bubbly little boy.

But his whole world changed one year ago today, when Austin was shaken by his babysitter, suffering major head trauma.
Over the last year the family has spent much of their time in children's hospitals, and doctors offices.

"Everything is a moving forward thing for us," said Westbrook. "It is painful, to think about it and things that we've been through this year, its been a long...really hard year."

She says the family doesn't like to think back to the day when it happened. The babysitter, Kara Galinak, is scheduled to stand trial in December.

"We were close with our babysitter, we had known her for several years. Of course I've racked through my brain trying to find a red flag," Westbrook said.

Austin's story has inspired thousands of strangers who follow the "Prayers for Austin Westbrook" Facebook page.
Initially set up to keep family members up to speed, Jennifer says it's grown into an place where she finds strength, and where others find it too.

"I think it feels a lot like a family," said Westbrook.

She's become an advocate not only for her children but for other family's of shaken babies as well. Her message, is clear.

"You can't be timid about how your kids are taken care of, who they're surrounded by...People should know not to shake a baby."

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