Parent Says Do Not Ban CHS Library Book

"I think that taking the book out of the library is just a little overblown," said AISD Parent  Jeanie Key.

A Cooper High School library book brought controversy as an AISD parent wants the book contained with explicit words to be taken out of the school library.

But now another parent says not so fast.

"I just don't think the book should be banned! That just sounds like, you know, let's take Huck Fin out of the library, let's take the dictionary out of the library because it has, you know,  words in it that aren't very appropriate for every day speech either. Just take all the books and burn them," said Key.

Mother of three, Jeanie Key says despite foul language, there is no reason to ban the book.

but students in AISD are blocked access to certain websites that include explicit words among other things, but Key says a book with explicit words is different.

"I think that the websites should be blocked, there's a lot of things on the internet that are a little too graphic, you know, but it's a book, it's a book," said Key.

Meanwhile, AISD Superintendent says steps are being taken but from what he's seen so far, he's uneasy about certain language used in the book.

"I've reviewed sections of the book already, I find there to be significant sexual innuendo, as a matter of fact, there's overt sexual overtures  there is also racial language, I have great concerns about the book," said AISD Superintendent Dr. Heath Burns.

Jeanie says explicit words shouldn't be banned if they are used in the right context.

"I don't think the writer of the book intended for it to be, you know,  taken out of context like I think that it has been taken severely out of context," said Key.

Dr. Burns recognizes that you can't censor literature.

"I certainly realize that there's a place for explicit language in literature, whether it belongs in the public school here and how it's protected is of grave concern to me. Ultimately, we'll examine the book for total literary merit and make that decision but I certainly have concerns as of today," said Dr. Burns.

The book is currently out of circulation at the library and will not return to Cooper High School's Library shelf until full review.

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