Parents Reaction to Jane Long Lockdown

Published 05/29 2014 06:25PM

Updated 05/29 2014 07:12PM

Parents of Jane Long Elementary students were thrown into a whirlwind of worry when they found out about a lockdown on campus. 

"He said that all of the children were okay, that the only guns that were in the building were theirs," says Lela Burns. Burns' grandchildren and nieces attend Jane Long.

Once parents got confirmation that their children were safe, many of them rushed across the street to the front office where they had to show an I.D. to take their children home from school.

"It's just a scary situation. You hear about it in the news and in other places all the time and I would just feel better if I had my daughter with me," says Melissa Gresham, who has a five year old daughter at Jane Long.

"I always heard it happen somewhere else, but not here. I have six grandkids here," explains Teresa Muniz.

Kasie Verastegui also has children at the elementary school and said, "I rushed here, was praying. Thank God they are okay."

Students explain that they began to worry when their principal, Mr. Garcia, told them that it wasn't a drill.
Fourth grader Raelynn explains what she experienced saying, "They made us go in the corner and put our heads down and we kept on seeing shadows walking by. So, that's what made us scared."

Several members of the Parent Teacher Association were inside the school setting up for an end of the year carnival when the lockdown began. Parents say they are pleased with the way the situation was handled. "They made the safety of the children first and everybody did a good job", explains parent Jack Miller.

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