Pharmacy Students Receive White Coats

- For students who see a future in medical, hearing your name called to receive your white coat is a dream come true.

"I've know since I was five that I wanted to do this," said Nicole Buzzard. "So, ever since then I've kind of just taken the steps to prepare and get me to where I am now. It's been a very long process."

The White Coat Ceremony is something most health care professionals go through when starting medical school.

The Texas Tech Health Science Center School of Pharmacy in Abilene held their White Coat Ceremony Sunday for the class of 2019.

The class has 40 students who are anxiously awaiting the start of this journey.

"I think all of us are really excited and nervous to get started," Buzzard said, "but I'm ready for these four years to be over and it be official."

Family and friends came out to support their future pharmacist and Nicole's parents said they are very excited for her.

"We've always encouraged her," Becky Buzzard said. "to be confident and to follow her dreams."

Those dreams are now becoming reality after these 40 students finally received their white coats.





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