Pool Sales Still Making A Splash Despite the Drought

Published 03/26 2014 07:45PM

Updated 03/26 2014 08:50PM

Pool shopping does not seem like something that tons of people would be doing during this current drought, but one local pool company says they have seen an increase in sales, despite the recent lack of rain.

"We have actually seen more of a demand now than we ever have, so its really good" explains Frank Perez, General Manager of Southwest Pools in Abilene.

Southwest Pools puts in pools all around the region and he says that the local economy is booming, which is what is driving his sales.

Perez says that about half of the people that come into his store are concerned about how the drought will affect their pool. "We assure them that with the swimming pool, even if we get to a rationing point to where they can't fill a pool, we can truck water to fill their pool."

However, folks just west of here are already at that point. "So in like Midland and Odessa right now when they build a swimming pool they actually have to get their water from another city."

Brenda Ogdee's pool is in the planning stage now, but says that the lack of water is not something that she thought of. "That never really crossed my mind... I never really thought about the drought."

Ogdee says that she is excited to make memories at the pool with her grandchildren. "I know that it can be a problem here at times, but we just still want to put the pool in still."

According to the City of Abilene city water code, that is perfectly fine. We are currently in stage two of a water warning and it is not until stage three that new pool construction is halted.

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