Possible Puppy Theft Leaves Abilene Family Searching For Clues

It was around 8:30 Wednesday night when Tommy Wade says he let his family dogs outside in the back yard to use the bathroom, just as he does every night. About a half hour later, he returned.

"I went to let Heidi and little Roxie in and I opened the back door and let Heidi in but there was no Roxie," Wade said.

Roxie...the family's 11-week-old boxer was nowhere to be found.
The fenced in yard showed no signs of escape, leaving the family to believe someone may have taken her from their yard.

"After I walked the perimeter of the fence that's the only conclusion that I could come to was that somebody had picked her up. And so the hunt was on," said Wade.

Wade and his wife spent hours taking turns searching the neighborhood for Roxie, and found that they may not have been the only ones hit.

"A neighbor in the apartments said their dog was just stolen an hour before ours just 6 or 7 blocks over," Wade explains.

The family has not stopped talking with neighbors, posting flyers, contacting animal services and the police.
They hope someone out there knows more..and can help the family bring Roxie back home.

"When you have kids and they get attached to that dog along with the owners, along with the parents of the kids, its heartbreaking to see their little faces and know, they want to know where little Roxie is," Wade said.

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