Rain An Annual Event At West Texas Fair And Rodeo

You don't have to live in Abilene for very long to understand what many people associate with the West Texas Fair and Rodeo.

"Well...its gonna rain," says fair participant Timmy Allmand
"If the fairs comin' the rains comin'," adds food vendor Joe Leal.
"It's gonna bring rain!" Said livestock supervisor Kit Horne.
"They always say OK, the fair is gonna be here the rain is going to be here too...and it never fails," says longtime vendor Melinda Stone.

They're right, it never does. Or, at least it seems that way.

"I can't even count with one hand times the number of times it hasn't rained," said Stone.

This morning the carousel was taking a bath, the prizes were bundled up for protection and the big blue slide looked more like a water slide.

But after a months dry summer heat many seem to look at it as a gift, not a curse.

"We need the rain. Even if it hurts business, we need this water so bad," said Allmand.

"I don't think they call it a curse, because we always need the rain so bad," adds Horne. "Of course today were getting lots of rain and we need it really really bad.so its slowing us down some and creating some other issues but were glad to have the rain"

Despite preventing some from hoping on the rides today, or walking around outside, a good soaking never seems to hold too many people back.

"They have these canopies that they can take cover but they still like to come and eat," said Stone.

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