Repairs Underway For Historic Abilene Tower Damaged By Lightning

From over one-hundred feet below, employees at Abilene's state supported living center were keeping their fingers crossed.

"It's just inevitable as long as it's been here as tall as it is, with the storms that we've had," says Assistant Director of Administration Jeff Goza.

The center's one-hundred year old smoke stack has suffered major damage from a mid-september storm that sent bricks flying to the ground.
Now engineers are stepping in to see what needs to be done to keep the structure in-tact.

"Make sure everything's okay make sure it's not going to fall,"Goza said. "They're also going to pull down some of the loose bricks that are up there now cause there is a danger to those coming down."

Engineers will determine what repairs will have to be completed to keep the structure safe.
The center hopes the cost wont be more than they can handle

"The inspection itself is pretty expensive," said Goza. "And we'll talk to our state office about the cost of getting repairs done."

Still the center says it's a headache that even those who have spent years there have never seen.

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