Robotic Hysterectomy: A Modern Take on an Old Surgery

There's nothing Melanie Swartz loves more than quality time with her kids. That being said, after four kiddos, she says she's reached her limit.

"I was done having children. With the health problems that I was having, this was something that I could do", says Swartz.

Along with her full house, Melanie's health was stacked against her, making even simple pleasures next to impossible.

"Two weeks out of the month, I was very tired and sick, and I had some other issues where I could not get out of bed for sometimes a week at a time", explains Swartz.

Melanie's OB/GYN, Dr. Ogdee, suggested a modern take on a traditional procedure.

"If we can do this and save them from an abdominal incision, and the robotic hysterectomy can help them go home in four to six hours, and there's less pain that's present, and they can go back to work sooner and feel better, then there's quite a bit of benefit to that", explains Dr. Ogdee, Abilene Regional Medical Center.

After Melanie had the robotic hysterectomy surgery, it became clear she made the right decision for herself, as she is now able to focus on her life, and continue rebuilding her health.  

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