Roofers in Abilene Illegally Dumping Debris

Leftover roofing debris is being tossed into Abilene alley ways and other places in town. It is against the law and if large enough can even put the person responsible behind bars.

It's something that Abilene code enforcement officers predicted with the influx of roofers in town. Bringing material to the landfill comes with an additional expense that some roofers clearly aren't willing to pay.

 The dumpsters are made for people's household trash, they are not made for construction debris," says Environmental Code Enforcement Officer, Bill Whitley.

Yet, some roofers in Abilene are ditching their excess materials behind the houses that they repair, ultimately costing you money.

"Construction debris gets real heavy real fast. A lot of the trash cans in the alley way; the plastic ones, the trash truck can't pick them up. The city has to actually send over a special vehicle to pick those up, dump them, and set them. It's costing tax payers money for us to have to clean it up," adds Whitley.

Abilene resident, Cat Stevenson says that's not okay with her, "When they have to do that, it takes away from my family. So I have to be taxed because of someone else's dumping somewhere else."

It's not just the alley ways, where code enforcement officers are discovering roofing debris. Chronic dumpsites like land off of East South 11th Street have also become popular places for illegal dumping, "Well, the city is going to have to eventually come out and clean this up. So you're looking at trucks and crews. The person who dumped it here saved money, but it cost the tax payers money to clean it and come pick it up," says Whitley.

Stevenson says no matter the quantify, those that illegally dump roofing materials should be held accountable, "I think they should be charged for it. If they're dumping the stuff and someone sees them dumping it, they should be charged for it. They should be penalized."

While city code enforcement have been able to cite some roofers illegally dumping thanks to witnesses, many times there are no witnesses, making it difficult to track down the violator. While initially roofers can face a citation, dumping that exceeds 200 pounds can result in a fine up to $10,000 dollars and even up to two years in jail.

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