School Zone Violations: Texting and Driving

Talking or texting while driving a  is an extremely dangerous idea. And doing this while in a school zone can cost you some big bucks.

As a new school year begins,  it is important to remember the school zone policies.

"The decreased speed, particularly in a school zone is to protect the children that are there. So we ask that the public be more cognizance of that and slow down just a little bit so we don't get a hurt child," says John Clark, with Abilene Police Department.

Not only is speeding a concern, but talking or texting without a hands-free device has become problematic and has parents on edge.

 Chelsea Pope, a concerned parent, says, "It really upsets me when i see somebody texting and driving or talking and driving for that matter."

"That's not something that anybody wants to have to worry about, him walking out of school and someone being on their phone or whatever and not paying attention. If something were to happen to him, it would devastate me," says Ashley Flatt.

According to a survey conducted by Allstate insurance agency, the highest fine for cell phone violations in a school zone in Texas is $327.

However, in Abilene, it is only $210.

Pope says, "If it's just $210, people can look over that and say oh, it's just $210. But if it's $300 or even $500 per offense, then they might think oh, maybe i shouldn't be on my phone. 

Parents like pope have no problem with Abilene raising the fines and think it may actually do some good.
Pope: "that might make people slow down a little bit and stop doing what they're doing that they know they're not supposed to be."

Last year 50 citations were distributed on the first day of school.

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