Searchers Move Forward, Recall How Close They Were to Hailey

Twenty-eight months. That's how long they searched for 13 year old Hailey Dunn. And now, the search is over.

"You do this for so long, as long as we've all done this. It's like it kind of puts an end to something. Now that we know this is her, there's nothing left to search anymore," said April Wehba, searcher. 

A day after news that Hailey's body has been found, searchers are left trying to figure out what their next step will be.

"You think in your mind that you're going to be okay when it comes. But when you hear the words,  your world's turned upside down," said April. 

"But we've always had that hope that she would walk through the door, and we'd be able to hug her," said Terrye Newcomb, searcher.

Searchers spent their morning cleaning up the garden, preparing it for more visitors and hanging up this picture to make sure that Hailey's image is never forgotten. But they also used this morning to discuss a story that they say is too bizarre to be a coincidence.

"We were coming back from a search over towards Snyder and [Terrye] just looked up there and said, 'I wonder if it'll tell us where Hailey's at?'" April explained.

This was in 2011. They were on their way back to Colorado City when the GPS was trying to direct the searchers back towards Snyder after Terrye asked it to find Hailey. A day later, April and Terrye were interested to see where it would've taken them.

"We pulled it up," explained April. "And it took us to lake J.B. Thomas."

April says they had not been there before, so the GPS had no reason to pull that location up. But they went searching there anyways, starting on the north side of the lake and working their way south.

"It was getting dark, and so we told them that we had to get to the search center and get checked in, we'll just have to come back another time," said Terrye. "And if we had gone just a little bit further, we would have probably found something."

Frustrated and saddened that they could've found her earlier, Terrye says that it just wasn't time.

"I feel like Hailey wasn't ready to be found. And I think when she got ready to be found, that's when it was going to happen. And I think she was ready," she said. 

Now that the search is over, the team says they aren't done quite yet. Though they haven't figure out what's next, they know they aren't done spreading hope for Hailey.

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