Seconds Count in Communication for South Taylor EMS

Published 06/11 2014 10:14PM

Updated 06/11 2014 10:35PM

In a life-threatening situation, we all know that seconds count, which makes communication vital between 911 dispatchers and emergency responders.

"Its a sinking feeling knowing that sometimes the communication just doesn't work and sometimes those precious seconds, it can mean everything really," explains Brad Kerr, Vice President of South Taylor EMS.

During the wildfire near Buffalo Gap, we told you about the damage to the Buffalo Gap Volunteer Fire Department's communication equipment, but they are not the only entity affected.

"The big story was the fire and that it took out the fire department's communications, and that's how they communicate, and that's how we communicate also, so it was the same equipment, the same tower, we are all in the same place," says David Allman, Director of Operations of South Taylor EMS.

Allman estimates that around 25 thousand dollars of their equipment was lost in the blaze, including their radio repeater, a nearly new generator, cables, and antenna. Since the wildfire near Buffalo Gap, they have been renting space on another radio tower that is further away.

Now,their radio repeater is now located off Old Coleman Highway and 83/84 near Potosi, which is miles further away from the station than their equipment used to be. So for now, when one member of the crew hears a call, they call or text the crew that is on shift to make sure they got the information.

"With the communication where it is, if they are in the wrong place, even the wrong place in this building or the building over there, or even if they stopped at the wrong place for lunch or dinner, they may or may not pick up the tones and then telephone is the only way to get ahold of them," says Kerr.

While South Taylor EMS is raising the funds to replace their radio equipment, they say that they are doing their very best to respond to the citizens of Taylor County in the most efficient way possible.

South Taylor EMS will be selling t-shirts and collecting donations to raise money to replace the equipment.
On June 21st, they will be selling BBQ sandwiches at the Buffalo Gap flea market to help raise funds as well.
To learn more about the non-profit organization, visit their Facebook page.

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