Shoppers React To Black Thursday Deals

Black Friday, the day those who can brave it hit the shopping malls in anticipation of the season for giving.

Are major retail chains taking advantage of the average wallet?

"There is way too much craziness," said Abilene Resident Linda Huff.

Target is among many stores beginning it's black Friday deals, on Thursday, which happens to fall on the same day many Americans are giving thanks for what they have, and not what they need.

"I haven't had many thanksgivings," said Abilene resident Rafe Dunn.

"I guess in a perfect world someone could get on a microphone or a camera and say, 'anyone who is looking to work today can come to Target and work. Matter of fact, come and eat here at Target today," said Dunn.

"There are people who are willing to work on Thanksgiving day," he continued.

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