Sidewalk Plans for Busy Abilene Road

Over $196,000 dollars will be going into two road work projects in the Abilene community. Construction is expected to begin sometime from mid-to-late April. Residents that live in the construction zones, say it's about time.

"People run up and down Rebecca Lane and a few years ago, one jogger was killed down there just short of the bridge," says Dale Bocker, Abilene resident.

Bocker recognizes the dangers for pedestrians around his south Abilene neighborhood,"A sidewalk on Rebecca Lane would be a good thing right now."

There's good news for Bocker and the other residents that live along Rebecca Lane from Bruce Street to Buffalo Gap Road.

"We've been working with that neighborhood for quite some time now to try and improve the accessibility of that area, particularly in regards to pedestrians. The project will include the construction of a new sidewalk," says City Manager Larry Gilley.

With bike riders and joggers using this area of town often, Bocker thinks the new sidewalk will be widely used, "I know the kids will. There's a lot of people that walk up and down there. Personally, it's not long enough for when I am running. I do two to three miles...I need it all the way to dyess, really."

While this street improvement won't cater to Bocker needs, he admits that it's a start.

The money to pay for this project will come from General Obligation Funds. The intersection of South 7th and Sayles will also be rehabilitated as part of this project, funds for this portion of the project will be paid for through Certificate of Obligation Funds.

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