Snyder ISD Considering New Campus To Accommodate Growth

This is what a typical day looks like in the hallway of Snyder elementary school.
The hallways are packed...
In the cafeteria they sit shoulder to shoulder.
The district has seen a steady increase in student enrollment over the past five years.
Only problem is...They're running out of space.

"That building was built for a capacity of 12-hundred kids. And we have about thirteen-hundred right now," says Snyder ISD Superintendent Dr. Randy Brown.

The district needs more teachers and more classrooms.
So to accommodate that growth, Snyder ISD is beginning to develop plans for a brand new campus.

"We're looking at possibly a new junior high or early childhood campus," said Brown.

Many are assuming it's also in anticipation for a so-called oil boom expected to head their way. However the Superintendent says that's not the case.

"The plans that we are talking about right now, as far as building a new campus, are not related to the Cline shale or what might happen as far as increased enrollment. Right now we just don't know," says Brown.

There is a short term solution.. Snyder kindergarteners will move from the main campus to Stanfield Elementary.

"We'll add some additional classes there and give us a little breathing room," said Brown.

And if the future brings more families and more kids to Snyder, they'll be ready.

"If we are gonna have a change in enrollment we'd rather be on this end of it," says Brown. "We feel blessed to be in this situation."

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