Snyder Police Officer Honored at 5K, Shows How Far He's Come Since Gun Shot Injury

Locals ran and walked away from the law to raise money for their own hero, Snyder Police Officer Darrel Campbell who was seriously injured by a gun shot wound almost two years ago.

"To see the people come out and support us when one of us is injured, it lets us know they appreciate what we do," said Scurry County sheriff deputy Jeanette Pritchard.

"There's a great need, I think, for everyone to see that there is some form of non-violence in the world. And this is just one way that we get to do it," said runner Blair McAllen. 

Campbell himself joined in on the walk.

"It was really nice having my family around me when I was doing it," he said.

And step by step, Campbell was proving just how much he has overcome.

"Two years ago I couldn't do it," he explained. "Couldn't even sit up in bed a couple years ago. And now I walked a mile."

To say he's an inspiration to the community would be an understatement. Participants wore bracelets with Psalm 121, which the police department picked themselves.

"Because if you read it, it describes him," said an organizer of the 5K. "It talks about the strength of climbing mountains and all that."

And for Campbell, he hopes that each step forward will help someone else in the future.

"Just an inspiration, you know, nothing can keep you down. If you can get it in your head, you can do it," he said. 

And with every mile, Campbell is proving there are more ways than one, to be a hero.

Proceeds from the 5K will also help Longview Police Officer Leigh Ann Snyder, who was injured in a drunk driver incident.

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