Social Media Drives Search for Hailey

From news and updates, to calls for help and prayer, social media has been a driving force keeping the search efforts for Hailey Dunn alive.

Multiple Facebook pages titled "Find Hailey Dunn" and "Hope for Hailey" have gathered thousands of "likes" from all over Texas, and the nation.

Giving everyone a chance to stay connected in the latest efforts, and keeping Hailey on everyone's mind. 

"They've done so much," said Billie Dunn, Hailey's mother. "They've been supportive of me."

From media coverage to YouTube photo-montages on Facebook, Billie Dunn says it's been extremely helpful in the search to find her daughter.

"Mostly fundraising, support. They found the P.I. for me," Billie explained. "They do so much research themselves on all these new ideas. They always working on getting some scent dogs brought in. They're constantly working behind the scenes."

But social media freedom also means all sides, and all opinions can be posted.

As long as she's still missing, social media groups and Facebook pages alike will continue in their efforts.

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