Stamford Man Fears Charges If Rubble Not Cleaned Shortly After His Home Burns

"I got a lot of clean up to do," says Jack Smith.

This is what remains after his home unexpectedly caught fire.

Smith continues, "We heard the sirens, we looked back this way and seen the smoke and before I could get from there to here, the trailer was gone."

In a matter of minutes, everything he owned was gone.

"Everything. All my pictures, all our clothes. We have nothing but the clothes we've got on,"

Smith says until something like this happens to you, you will never really understand what it feels like.

"It's sad. It's heart breaking,"

An emotional Smith says the most heart breaking part of the whole situation is  what the city manager of Stamford allegedly told him just a few hours after his home was burned.

"He tells me, he just wanted to let me know if I didn't clean it up, they were going to file charges on me," Smith explains.

Smith says he is trying his best to meet the city manager's request, but as of now, he just does not have the resources.

Smith says, "If I could just get a job, I could do the work and I just need the gas to pull the trailer to get it cleaned up. I got no problem with cleaning it up."

Until he finds a way, to clean up this pile of rubble that contains remnants of his life, Smith says he will do what he can with the little he has.

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