Students, Staff Remember Hailey

The Colorado City community has returned to its daily routine with the bittersweet feeling of knowing Hailey Dunn has been found.

"There is a sense of sadness, especially with her close friends," said Mark Merrell, Colorado City middle school principal.

"She was quite a fun girl. That's the one word that I do have to say about Hailey," said school councilor Emily Strain.

And while the school district is feeling her loss, they have found ways to keep her memory alive. Including a scholarship in Hailey's name.

"A person had donated some wristbands and those were sold. And money was collected," explained Merrell. "The school and students had a dance also to raise money."

But the school councilor tells us that the biggest lesson they've learned is that they can use Hailey's story to help others. So they started the Rape Aggressive Defense program, also known as RAD.

"It's just a self defense class, and teaching yourself to always be aware of your surroundings, always be aware of where you are," said Strain.

In it's first year, the school hopes they can teach it to all the girls in the school district.

"It is one thing that we have maybe learned and tried to implement is that we can try to help them to just try to be aware a little bit more and be educated of what their surroundings are and what they can and can't do and what they should do," Strian continued.

And whether it be a scholarship or a self defense class, Hailey's impact on the community will never be forgotten.

"Hailey's going to be remembered no matter what," said Strain. "She was one of those kinds of students that was such a positive force on our campus."

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