Texas 4000 Makes Pit Stop in Snyder, Locals Ride Against Cancer

With every single mile they peddle, they're spreading hope, knowledge and charity in the fight against cancer.

"Letting anyone out there who's struggling with cancer now , anyone whose had a friend or family member pass away or anyone who's fighting. Just letting them know that we're hear for them and that we're doing this slightly insane journey to help them," explained Texas 4000 rider, David Martin.

This group is biking from Austin to Anchorage: that's four thousand miles. But the next 12 will be with locals from the Big Country who are ready to bike for the same cause.

"Some of them are survivors, a lot of their friends are and a lot have died of cancer so they're really very connected," said local rider Brain Mayfield. "And then we feel very connected to them because of our connection."

It's that connection that has driven Mayfield to ride: His wife is a cancer survivor. He's supported the Texas 4000 for many years, but this year he decided to give it a shot himself.

"I just feel like it's just one more way to support her. I've never actually had cancer myself. But having cared for her, I know what it's all about," he said. 

So he's making the grueling ride.While tough, he knows that it is nothing compared to the battle his wife, and so many others, have fought.

"You know you can get off the bike and get in the car and ride if you have to. But if you have cancer, there's only certain things you can do," Mayfield explained. "You can't get off the ride and get a ride in the car and get away from it. You have to actually fight it."

For more info on the Texas 4000, you can head over to www.texas4000.org.

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