The Search Ends, Hope for Hailey Hasn't Burned Out

It's a day they had prepared for, but they never expected that day would arrive.

"I pretty well knew it probably was her," said Susie Barton.

The flowers at Hailey's Hope have just begun to bloom. And family, friends and searchers sit out in that garden as they digest the news that Hailey's body has been found.

"I'm not sure. You know, there's some closure here. I know we won't be searching, walking the grounds anymore. Or trying to figure out what to do next," said Barton. 

"It's just shocking to everbody that this is happening. I think we actually had people search Lake J.B. Thomas not too long ago," said past searcher Amber Wroseck. 

As they stand in Hailey's hope, friends and loved ones hug and comfort one another. Those who spent years looking for the teen can't help but wonder why they never found her.

"We looked, and we searched those places," said Amber. "And to still have that body there. You know, to still have her remains there. It's just shocking."

And now, new flowers placed at Hailey's garden will continue to grow alongside those already there, representing a new hope as the searchers now set out to find justice for Hailey.

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