Therapy Horseback Riding Helps Children with the Future

A Buffalo Gap woman is helping children with special needs and disabilities through therapy horseback riding. Ren's Rides helps these students by setting goals and helping them learn to overcome any obstacle so they can lead a normal life. 

Renee Hicks started the program two years ago, saying that as a retired teacher who worked with children with special needs, it was clear that the life skills taught in schools weren't enough. So she uses her ranch and horses to teach those life skills. 

The ranch, Trail's End, sets a goal of reaching the end of the trail at the bottom of the hill. Renee says that by achieving that goal, her riders learn that they can achieve anything they put their minds to. 

Renee says she's in the works of starting a new program that would include the families of her riders, to help them build life skills with their parents and siblings. Meetings for that new program are expected to begin in August. 

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