TONIGHT AT 10 ONLY ON KRBC: Is social media affecting your day to day life?

ABILENE, Texas (KRBC) - Technology is at our finger tips but is instant access to the internet impacting our social interaction and affecting what we learn in the classroom? An ACU psychology professor, who has been teaching for 46 years, says there have always been distractions in the classroom but the difference now is technology and social media can be overwhelming for some students.

"Social media companies insinuative is for us to log on, stay on, and see as many ads as possible. That is their agenda and to the extent that we are not aware of that and we don't take control of our time they will use our time to make money," said Dr. Robert McKelvain, psychology professor at ACU.


Dr. McKelvain says there are easy ways to improve your studies and interaction with others. Learn more on KRBC News at 10PM tonight. 

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