Trends in Modern Hospice Care

Published 09/04 2013 01:39PM

Updated 09/05 2013 10:54AM

It's never a fun topic, but something that must be discussed nonetheless.

"It enables people to be at home at the end of life", says Deverise Ohre, of the West Texas Rehabilitation Center.

The need for hospice care in the Big Country is on the rise. As the population ages, the burden often falls on family members, which usually isn't enough.

"There's still some of those old wives tales about how this is the end, and that we only go in to take care of people at the very end. But if we work with the family and the patient in enough time then we can get the pain and everything else taken care of", explains Ohre.

Along with end-of-life plans, experts suggest focusing on the mental and emotional state of mind, just as much as the physical state.

"You see more of a trend of meeting the needs of every single aspect of the patient and the family's life. And being able to offer things like the Tribute Garden that we have", says Ohre.

Though it's not the ideal dinnertime conversation, doctors say the decision to use hospice care, or not, should be discussed beforehand, so there won't be added stress later.

West Texas Rehab is also introducing their new Tribute Garden, as a place for people to remember their loved ones

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