Truck Drivers In Great Demand, Especially For Booming Oil Industry

The newest class of our nations truck drivers are getting ready to hit the roads. And they're needed, badly.

Trever Lott is a twenty-five year old Marine Corp veteran who, after spending time in Iraq, came home to his wife and two daughters, unemployed and unsure of his next move.

"When you come back home, everybody's life has moved on, and you gotta piece yourself back in to your friends and family that you left behind," Lott explains. "I put a lot of thought into it, and talked with my wife, and we thought this would be the best choice for us."

And it might be. The trucking industry is facing a shortage of drivers that is increasing freight costs and delaying deliveries.
But instructors at Abilene's Action Career Training School say a booming oil industry has created another demand as well.

"In the oil industry right now C-D-L drivers are just needed so bad, they're starving for them," Says ACT's Laurie Balch.

One of the biggest reasons for the shortage happened back in March of 2011, when the government cracked down on safety regulations. The changes forced many carriers to lose veteran drivers who didn't have a clean driving record.

"It kind of turned it upside down in a sense," Says Balch. "Some of our veteran drivers, they're not doing it anymore..because of that. That created a shortage that we just haven't met up with yet."

They say now is the time for men and women to jump into an industry that they believe will continue to thrive once the manpower has been filled.  While it may seem like a more of a lifestyle than a career, Lott says there are ways for a family guy like himself to make it work.

"There are jobs that keep you away from home but I specifically targeted one that would allow me to be at home every day with my family," Lott says. "You can take this job anywhere, anywhere in the world. They need drivers."

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