TxDOT Looks to Change Ranger Hill, Locals say it Should've Been Sooner

Just ask anyone in Ranger about driving on Ranger Hill and they'll tell you different reasons as to why it's so dangerous.

"There's a lot of wind currents and the big trucks, they like to go slow. And other people can't pass," said Ashley Sullivent. 

"The speed limit, that they've changed it to 75. Because a lot of people are doing 75 and they'll look at the 65 and keep on going," said Rosalie Koerner. 

Rosalie has lived in ranger for 40 years. And she says that the increased speed limit is what makes her nervous.

"Going to Weatherford all the time, the speed limit changes as you get into that county," she said. "And I know a lot of people just pass me on by like there's no speed limit change at all."

But for Ashley, it's the recent loss of her friend that has her concerned about the safety of Ranger Hill.

"There was a wreck and she went to get out, her and her husband went to get out and help the wreck and a big truck come and hit  both of them," Ashley said. "Cause there's a lot of wind currents that go right through there, and then the curve and then the big trucks with all their winds."

TxDOT says they have long-term plans to completely re-design and build that part of the interstate, but nothing is set in stone just yet. Upon hearing that news, Ashley and Rosalie say that it will help, but that it simply took them too long.

"Well I wish that they maybe had been sooner. You know, so so many lives hadn't been lost or people injured," said Rosalie. 

"Now there's blinking lights and the speed limit signs, so. I mean, there's been a lot of fatalities right there, so, they could've done it a lot sooner," said Ashley.

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