United for Hailey hosts Online Radio Launch for Missing Persons

The newest online radio station is not your average station. But it could help find some missing people.

"The more eyes we have looking for people, the better our chances of bringing them home," explained Melissa Gooch, part of United for Hailey.
Missing persons news launched their new online radio in Big Spring to keep people like missing teen Hailey Dunn on everyone's mind.

"They will have constantly missing people," said Melissa.
At a booth nestled in Dee's Trade Show, United for Hailey was a part of the launch.

"Everybody from all different organizations, Facebook, different countries, band together to help each other out to help get Hailey's name out," Melissa said.
Melissa said there are people from at least four different countries who support the effort and support Hailey, and these people help out in any way possible with donations. From bracelets sent from Pennsylvania to fliers made in Ohio, you name it, someone outside of Big Country helped make it happen.

"It's an awesome feeling knowing all these people from all over are coming together for a little girl they've never met," she explained.
The website and the radio station will bring awareness for missing people all over the country. But today's event is to remind everyone that there are still people looking for Hailey.

"Because of those news reports, a lot of people are assuming that Hailey's been found," Melissa explained. "And we're here to say, 'No.' she has not been found, she is not home. We have to keep looking."

Now united for Hailey is raising money to bring in search dogs, saying they refuse to give up until she's been found.

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