Update: Lubbock Police Release Details on Wreck That Lead to Death of Wylie Graduate

Published 08/14 2014 11:34AM

Updated 08/15 2014 11:20AM

The Lubbock Police Department has released a statement on the investigation into the deadly officer-involved wreck that lead to the death of 2013 Wylie High School graduate, 20-year-old Morgan Lee.

The wreck happened on Wednesday, August 13, in Lubbock. On Thursday, August 14, Lee's sister reported that Morgan had passed away from her injuries.

The following release reveals new details about the investigation into the accident, including a correction to the original belief that one of the vehicles involved had run a red light:

Initially a witness at the scene of this accident erroneously reported that Ms. Lee had been traveling on Landmark Lane or on the North Loop 289 westbound frontage road prior to the collision and that Officer Kidd had been traveling on the Clovis Highway, thus leading to the conclusion that one of the vehicles ran a red light. Such was not the case.

The LPD Administration felt it was important and responsible to discuss the details of the information discussed in this release with Ms. Lee’s family prior to providing it to media representatives. Going forward, we plan to keep Ms. Lee’s family apprised of any further relevant details before releasing them publicly, so appropriate delays of information are possible.

After identifying, locating, and interviewing all of the several witnesses known to have been present when the accident occurred and reviewing much of the available evidence, the LPD Accident Investigation Section has been able to determine that both Ms. Lee and Officer Kidd were traveling in opposite directions on the Clovis Highway prior to their vehicles impacting, and that the traffic signal at the intersection was a solid green for both
directions. Ms. Lee was traveling northwest and turning left to travel west on the North Loop 289 frontage road while Officer Kidd was traveling southeast and continuing straight through the intersection.

The LPD Accident Investigation Section is continuing their investigation and plans to revisit the scene in the coming days to assess relevant physical characteristics present at the location at the time this accident occurred. I would like to emphasize that the investigation is still ongoing and other evidence and information remains to be evaluated before completed reports will be available for release.

Notwithstanding this updated information, and to reiterate yesterday’s release, this case will still eventually be presented to a Lubbock Grand Jury for independent review because it resulted in a fatality. Upon completion of the LPD Accident Investigation Section’s traffic accident investigation, it will also be reviewed and evaluated by the LPD’s Accident Review Board.

Officer Kidd is continuing to recover on Injury Leave status.

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