Valentine's Day and Your Heart

Love letters, roses, chocolate. It all sets the seductive stage for the most romantic day of the year.

"Personally, I'd say it's the time of year to celebrate what you have with the one you love. As far as work goes, it's my favorite time of year because it's the busiest time of year", says Justin Sellers, owner of Marcia's Creations Florist in Cisco.

Gregory White has been with his girlfriend for a few years now, but says there is something about Valentine's Day that makes his heart skip a beat.

"It's a nice, lovey-dovey kind of thing. It's the one time out of the year that we actually go do something special all dressed up.

Whether it's love, or lust, when it ends, experts say it can have a major impact on your psyche.

"If it's a particularly painful day if you're remembering someone that you've lost, or you remember that you don't have someone to experience this day with, then it may trigger your depression or leave you feeling down", says Nikki Nazworth, Texas Family Institute.

Though it sounds more like a lyric to a country song, a broken heart can influence your mental health.

"There can be some symptoms that you experience that feel like pain or aches or things like that", says Nazworth.

It's been awhile since Gregory was left with that feeling, but says it manifested in his everyday life.

"Even as something as simple as fights that we would get into. I'd lose my appetite for that day. I don't want to say that I'm depressed but it's a different feeling that I don't normally have, when I'm going through a breakup", explains White.

Whether it's passion or puppy love, it seems cupid's holiday can impact much more than our wallets and waistbands.

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