Vigil Commemorates Two Year Anniversary, Sparks Hope in Search for Hailey Dunn

"Hailey missing just short of 2 years is unthinkable. We never thought it could happen," said Stacie Campbell, vigil organizer

It was another candle vigil instead of a welcome home celebration.  For those who knew her, the two year anniversary of when the now 15-year-old Hailey Dunn went miss is difficult.

"Because I haven't had my best friend with me since 8th grade," said Hailey's best friend Heather Ruth. "We've been friends since third grade and I haven't had her around me or anything. It just, it hurts me a lot."

And equally hard for those who never met her, but say she's touched their lives in the last two years.

"I didn't meet her, but when I saw her picture, I knew that she didn't run away. And I felt like I had to go fight for her," said Holly Jenkins, who has helped search for Hailey. 

The vigil united the community once again, reminding everyone to not give up hope. 

"When you have a moment like this and you all come together and realize that we're all here for the same thing," said Holly. "We all just want Hailey home."

"I think it's important for everybody to continue with the hope," said her mother, Billie Dunn. "Just the hope factor, having hope that she'll come home. That way they're still out there looking for her and everybody needs to cling to that."

Serving as a chance for friends, family and the community to come together to help each other stay strong and continue searching for Hailey.

"I don't want to celebrate Christmas because I feel like she's not, my best friend isn't here to celebrate with me," said Heather. "I just don't want to do anything but i know that i have to stay strong and have hope."

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