Walk of Faith marks two years since Hailey Dunn's disappearance

"We come to you today, hope that you'll give us strength, along with her friends, to keep going," said Hailey Dunn searcher Kristy Lloyd to a group of faithful searchers.

Two years since the day she went missing, hope is still alive for Hailey Dunn. 

"This is where an innocent child last walked, and it's hard knowing that these were her last steps," said Lloyd.

For the second year in a row, searchers gathered to retrace what may have been the Colorado City teenagers last steps.

"I'm praying that she'll come home, praying that she's safe. And praying that wherever she is, she's not hurt," said Melissa Lara. 

Dressed in flip flops, which Hailey was supposedly wearing on that fateful day, they dropped rose petals along the way. Orange, Hailey's favorite color.

"We can still do this, we can keep searching for her, and we can find her," said Lloyd. "So for us this is a rejuvenation of hope."

Hope that maybe one day, Hailey will take those same steps back home.

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