What should you do if you witness a crash and no one else is around?

Imagine you're behind the wheel of your car. In the distance, you notice the faint glow of red and blue lights. Police have just arrived to the scene of a nasty car crash. 

"People are not expecting the unexpected," said Texas Department of Public Safety Senior Trooper Sparky Dean.

It's a scene that plays out far too often. Sometimes, it's hard to look away. But what if you happen to be one of the first to witness or drive-by the scene of an accident? Do you stop? Or continue driving?

The answer, is not one drivers are necessarily prepared for.

"If you can help people safely, use common sense on where to park, what to do," said Dean.

Dean says the first thing drivers should do is pull over and get out of the way safely.

"Don't make a traffic hazard worse, use your four-way hazards," Dean says.

Next, dial 9-1-1. But before you make the call, make sure you know where you are.

"You need to know what road your on," says Dean. "If you can say I'm between this town and this town, that helps."

Getting out of your vehicle isn't always the best answer. Evaluate your own safety first.

"If you don't have any medical training you're probably not going to do a lot of good, you can sometimes do more harm by moving someone," says Dean. "Sometimes the safest thing is to wait for the emergency personnel to arrive."

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