When will the Cline Shale Oil Boom Acutally Happen?

By Courtney Burris | cburris@krbc.tv

Published 01/07 2014 06:35PM

Updated 01/07 2014 06:57PM

The Cline Shale exploration began heavily in 2012 and has been a buzz worthy phrase around the Big Country since then. Many people are wondering when exactly this supposed "boom" is going to hit and what will happen when it does.

According to experts, the big boom that many are speculating, is a definite possibility, but not a certain thing. Anthony Zacniewski, Director of HSE at Bandera Drilling company, he believes there is something there, but that he does not think that there will be a big boom in the next several months.

Geologist and Vice President of Enrich Oil Corporation, Allan Frizzell, explains that he is certainly hopeful that the drilling companies can keep searching for new procedures and more cost efficient ways to get the oil out of the ground. Frizzell believes that increased oil activity will continue to impact the Abilene area in the coming year.

Both experts explained that the process of finding oil and actually removing it from the ground in a profitable manner can be difficult and time consuming. They agreed that when variables such as the price of gas and improved Cline Shale drilling techniques come together, the black gold could be heading our way.

Visit this link to search for the location of oil wells in the Big Country.

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