30 Ft. Ditch Causes Concern for Neighboring Parents

Published 06/05 2013 09:15PM

Updated 06/05 2013 10:40PM

A 30 ft. ditch is raising concerns for parents and the Buffalo Gap fire chief. 

The chief is afraid of children wandering nearby and falling inside the hole.

He says they don't have the necessary equipment to help them out if they were to get buried in sand.

The owner of the land agrees that it is a cause for concern and has agreed to build a fence around the land to keep people out.

He's also dug a trench surrounding the hole to protect people from falling in.

The hole was set to be a retention pond for a future housing development there. 

They began using it to supply dirt for construction companies.

The owner says the fence should be built within the next 10 days. 

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