A Look at Lake Brownwood

Published 05/13 2014 02:47PM

Updated 05/13 2014 10:13PM

Lake Brownwood is on the rise after a devastating drought in 2011. Today the lake is at 56% capacity and 10.7 feet below spillway. This is considerably better than previous years according to the Brown County Water Improvement District General Manager Dennis Spinks.

While Lake Brownwood is doing better than its neighboring lakes, it is still not at the ideal levels. According to Spinks domestic usages alone pulls about 4-5 million gallons of water off the lake each year. On top of this they are constantly battling mother nature.

Evaporation accounts for 15 million gallons of water depleting from the lake each day. The gusty winds and endless supply of sunshine are a recipe for disaster when it comes to conserving lake water.

Brown county is currently in stage 3 of their drought contingency plan and if conditions don't improve, Spinks fears they will reach stage 5 by this summer. He feels they have a secure 2 year supply of water in the lake currently but if the drought worsens that could be cut back to 18 months. T

he lake is used for recreational purposes too. There are many vacation homes and cabin rentals all along Brownwood Lake. State Park Police Officer Stephen Gober says people have complained that their boat docks are out of the water and to reach the lake they have to travel to areas other than their normal swimming holes.

The lake can still be enjoyed. However, there are areas that are too shallow use for boating and activities of that nature. Spinks and Gober were in agreement that the lake is in good enough shape that one good rain could really improve things at Lake Brownwood.

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