Albany Residents Complain About Allegedly Excessive Traffic Stops

By Victor Sotelo |

Published 04/22 2014 06:38PM

Updated 04/22 2014 06:58PM

Some people in Albany are complaining about the amount of traffic stops in the area and feel the Shackelford County Sheriff's Office is being over zealous when it comes to using their drug dog. One business owner in Albany has even used their building to warn drivers.

Steve Ford, an Shackelford County resident, was recently pulled over and showed us the scratches on his truck made by a drug dog after a Shackelford County Officer said the dog smelled drugs on the vehicle. Ford takes hunters on hunts for a living and had two clients with him at the time of the traffic stop.

Nothing was found and Ford said it's happening to others too often. "Forty-five minutes later, after going through my tool box, dumping their hunting bags out, searching the whole vehicle, we knew there was nothing in there."

It happens so often that a local rental business, on the Main street in Albany, posted a warning. It reads "check your lights know your rights." The message is written in big white letters on the side of the building.

Ford claims the Sheriff's department is using the excuse of tail lights being out to pull people over. Big Country Homepage was unable to speak to the business owners, because now there is an attorney involved due to their message painted on building.

Ford also added that he will be running for Sheriff if it does not stop. He is planning on addressing authorities at the next County Commissioners Court meeting next Tuesday.

Big Country Homepage did talk to Sheriff Ed Miller, who said they are just doing their jobs, and conduct on average, one stop a day.

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