"Baby Nancy's" Family Reaches Out to Hailey's Loved Ones

As Nancy Chavez helps her family set the table, she seems to be in every way, your typical 8-year-old girl. Living a normal life is something her parents have worked hard to maintain after a traumatic event that happened to Nancy when she was 1-month-old.

Her mother, Margarita Chavez, had been unloading groceries in a Walmart parking lot, when she turned to return the cart, a stranger grabbed Nancy.

"Every time I think about that I thank God because my daughter's with me again but at that moment my first thought was to save my baby," said Margarita Chavez.

Despite her own attempts to rescue Nancy from the abductor, as well as several others, an Amber Alert was issued. The next day Abilene Police returned Nancy to her family safe and sound.

Eight years later, the Chavez family is still thankful an Amber Alert was able to be issued, mainly due to the surveillance video taken in the Walmart parking lot.

"(My mom) doesn't take the cart back where it goes anymore, she just leaves it next to our car so I feel more safe that our Mom's closer," said Nancy's 12-year-old sister, Esmeralda.

When news of missing 13-year-old Hailey Dunn from Colorado City reached the Chavez family, they were saddened since they know what Hailey's loved ones have been going through for the past several days.

"Even though (police) are not using the Amber Alert, it has been on the news and that's so much help and I would tell this mother to keep hope," added Margarita.


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