Beltway Park Baptist Church Sends a Gift to Big Country Firefighters

Published 05/22 2014 06:14PM

Updated 05/22 2014 09:09PM

Volunteer fire departments, who helped fight the Camp Barkely Fire last month, continue to get donations from the public. One such donation came in on Thursday from Beltway Park Baptist Church.

The elders donated $10 thousand dollars to the Buffalo Gap Fire Department, and $5 thousand dollars each to the other 11 departments. Dana Sowell, the Chief of the Buffalo Gap Fire Department, said the donation was accompanied by a letter that he says means more to him than the money.

They also got a another special donation that the Fire Chief did not expect. Chief Dana Sowell says the fire brought together over a dozens agencies including volunteer fire departments and law enforcement, along with other Taylor County resources. "It's a lot bigger story going on here than some little bitty fire, and somebody putting out a little bitty fire," says Sowell.

This generous byproduct of the fire is what touches him, so much that when talking about a donation given to the department by Jim Ned Elementary School, he can hardly talk about it. "Thats from ah, I'm sorry, $439.14 and brought it over here and donated it to the fire departments," he says as he chokes back his words.

The principal Christy Doty says it's something the kids in the school wanted to do. "We have a little after school snack shop on Wednesday afternoons, and the kids bring their change and they will do popcorn and pickles and things like that," explained Doty. 

As children of an Abilene Firefighter, Charlee and Kynlee Northrup know how important firefighters are. "It makes me feel very proud and happy."

The donation from The Beltway Park Baptist Church in Abilene equally touched Sowell, not because the amount of money donated, but because of a letter that came with the donation. He says the kind words are worth more than money.

Sowell concludes saying, "All of us together, were pretty dad gum good, as individuals were not worth a hoot.”

Letter from Beltway Park Baptist Church:

To the Courageous First Responders of the Buffalo Gap Fire Co.  

Our communities are much safer places because of you, our dedicated servants, caring for others first. Without calling attention to yourselves or congratulating yourselves with jobs well done, you run toward human suffering instead of running away from it. This is the way God would have all of us live towards each other. You are great examples of selfless love for others. 

On behalf of the Elders of Beltway Park Baptist Church, we are enclosing a modest gift to further the wonderful work you do as first responders. We applaud you, appreciate you and bless you in the name of our Lord. 

With Deep Appreciation, 

The Elders of Beltway Park Baptist Church. 

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