Big Country Firefighters Prepare Trucks For Battle

The most recent wildfire in Arizona that left 18 dead is all too familiar to Big Country firefighters.

Dana Sowell from the Buffalo Gap Fire Dept. and Gary Young from the E.C.C.A Volunteer Fire Dept.are instantly reminded to some of the worst fires they fought during the 2011 fire season.

They say they lost more than half of their most essential tools for fighting fires, their brush trucks included.

Now, they've rebuilt many on their own using funds from community fundraisers.

They say those trucks are essential for taking out fires faster than being on the ground.

They're also much safer for firefighters.

Preparation for fire season begins early in the year as they make way and prepare trails in fire prone areas so those trucks have easy access.

They also ask homeowners to keep their grass cut to prevent fires from spreading any quicker.

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