Big Country Residents Prepare for Severe Temperature Drop

Lately Rod Barnett has been a busy man. He's worked with Texas South West (TSW) Energy for over three years, and knows that when the temperatures drop, their phones ring off the hook.

"When it gets cold like this a lot of people don't realize they're out and they wanna call and if we're really busy it's hard for us to get to everybody," said Barnett.

Barnett was able to make it to the Bonnie Plant Farm to fill their propane tanks. TSW Energy also supplies methanol to local companies when it gets cold.

"They put it in their gas plants to keep their lines from freezing up," said Barnett.

As Barnett drives to several homes and businesses each day to help keep folks warm, Freda Nickerson is shopping for warm clothing at Goodwill. She's looking to deck herself out in a long winter coat, scarf and gloves because she's not a fan of chilly weather.

"I don't like it (laughs)," said Nickerson.

Even though it may take some digging, Nickerson is determined to prepare herself for the winter elements in style.

"When I go out I like to match," added Nickerson.

Not forgetting our 4-legged-friends in the cold, KTAB spoke with some Big Country vets who advise keeping your pets warm by making sure you feed them full meals and make sure you leave out water that isn't frozen.

Recently, there have been two fires caused by heat lamps people have used trying to keep their animals warm. Local veterinarians add that insulating a shelter or dog house with extra blankets or hay can help keep them warm.

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