Big Hearts in the Big Country: Community Members Volunteer to Repair Hail Damaged Roofs for Free

By Brittany Pelletz |

Published 08/21 2014 09:42PM

Updated 05/26 2015 09:28AM

It's a hail storm that most in Abilene won't ever forget.

There's still damage to cars, houses, and businesses around town two months after the June hail storm.

"There was a great need," says Gene Tomlinson, the Executive Director of Abilene Damascus Road.

Gene Tomlinson is the Executive Director at Abilene Damascus Road, an organization that provides transitional housing to ex-convicts. Tomlinson got together with other members of the community to compile resources and hammer out a plan to help hail victims in Abilene.

"We are coordinating a relief effort for those who were damaged in the hail storm and who doesn't have insurance," adds Tomlinson.

"It's all about helping people," says David Jolly, an Abilene roofer.

Jolly is helping to patch up the problem, "God's taken care of me. I'm making my money in the roofing business, so other people need help, so help them."

Right now, they're looking for the people with roof damage.

Tomlinson says, "We need to be clear, that it's not my transitional guys.  It's not church people crawling up on the roof, it'll be contractors who will come and do the repairs for them."

While they'll be doing the work for free, Tomlinson and Jolly are overwhelmed with the amount of people stepping up to tackle the job.

"I did a house for a lady the other day and she doesn't live in a fancy house at all. She gave $100. She just handed it to me and said, I want to help. It just really gets me that people are so caring for other people, " adds Jolly.

"We feel good that we're able to do it. It's unusual that we're in this position, but like I said we're tickled to be able to do it. We're very blessed that we're able to God's work in this particular way and this is the ability to do his work, says Tomlinson.

You can call 2-1-1 if you need roof repairs. You just need to select, Hail Storm Relief Effort.

If you're interested in donating material for the roofing jobs or would like to be a volunteer, you can call (325) 692-4787.

If you'd like to make a monetary donation to help the cause, you can call the Abilene Banking Center, Coleman County State Bank at (325) 692-8660.

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