Big Hearts in the Big Country: Stephens County Man Helps Volunteer Fire Department Free of Charge

Published 03/26 2014 10:38PM

Updated 03/26 2014 10:52PM

Volunteer fire departments across to the Big Country have several things in common. One of those is a lack of funding.

"We're not made out of money. You take a $5 donation gladly," says Brian Rogers, a Wayland Volunteer Firefighter.

The Wayland Volunteer Fire Department in Stephens County is like many rural departments where there are great expenses and limited funds.

"We're taking a lot of older trucks and selling them for salvage to get money," adds Rogers.

Rogers is one of the firefighters and is in charge of the money for the Wayland VFD. But, he doesn't want this story to be about him, " He's got a story that needs to be told."

" I think he's full of wind. I'm just a common ordinary person trying to help out a little bit to do my community something worth while," says Cecil Adams.

Cecil is a retired mechanic. He's retired if you consider putting in up to 30 hours of physical labor a week.

"They bring me truck body's over here and I modify them to fit their particular use," adds Adams. 

"What he's doing for the fire department is something we could no accomplish by ourselves, Rogers says.

Cecil is doing all of this for free.

"I feel like I'm fulfilling an obligation I got to humanity, I guess you'd say," says Adams.

He may not get a pay check anymore, but Cecil says he's rewarded in other ways, "You will build a relationship with them. It's kind of a camaraderie. They come over here and try to harass me and rawhide me, it kind of gives me the enjoyment."

"Stories like this about people who have done stuff for the fire departments. Those are the unsung heroes," says Rogers.

Cecil will continue helping out the Wayland VFD even though he tells KTAB's Brittany Pelletz that he is getting old. He tells her that he almost knew Moses.

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